I know I am a bit late with this one, but I still wanted to share it. There is a new set called Wagon Full of Fun. It is in the Summer Mini Catalogue that finishes in a couple of days on 31st March. I was a bit slow in ordering it, as I only receivedĀ it a couple of weeks ago myself, but I like the variety of stamps that it comes with. It is a great all-rounder set.

The first image I wanted to play with was the Flowerpot. I also decided to attempt to watercolour it as well. It is not a perfect job, but watercolouring takes time to learn. Learning how to add dimension just by altering the depth of colour, is a skill within itself. (But that’s just my opinion).

I also took the same image and changed the colours. Now I must admit, I don’t really like yellow. I will pick any other colour first before I pick yellow. I also have a hard time teaming it up with other colours as well.

But I think I did an OK job here. What do you think?